When Should I Change My Reading Glasses?

We need reading glasses to correct presbyopia. Presbyopia is a condition which appears around the age of forty years in which distance vision is good but objects at close distance are blurred.

This condition is related to age and is clinically similar to hypermetropia (far-sightedness) which is found in younger age group. Click here to know more about presbyopia.

Symptoms of Presbyopia

Around the age of 40 years, you may start noticing that you cannot see small print clearly. If you take the printed material away from your eyes, you can see better and are able to read it.

If you try to read (or do anything which involves near vision) for a long time, you may develop eye strain, eye pain and/or pain around the eyes and even frontal headache.

How Is Presbyopia Treated

Although there are multiple surgical and laser options available to correct presbyopia, the most commonly employed method of treatment of presbyopia is a simple correction with glasses. The glasses may be only for reading or bifocal or progressive to help in both distance and near vision.

The glasses have convex (plus) lenses which help focus the image of near objects on the retina.

The power of lenses gradually increases with age.

When Is It Recommended to Change Reading Glasses

Here are some tips on when to change your reading glasses:

  1. When you are no longer able to read fine print (with the glasses) which you were able to read earlier.
  2. When you develop eye strain or pain or headache after a few minutes of reading with glasses. In this scenario, you are able to see clearly but develop pain because of spasm of ciliary muscle in the eye.
  3. When you have both of the above symptoms together.

The increase in the power of the lenses is not an abnormal or unexpected phenomenon. The natural lens of eye becomes harder as we age and loses the flexibility and therefore the ability to focus on near and distant objects quickly. That is why we need to keep changing the power of reading glasses every few years. The power can go up to +3.0 diopter by the age of sixty years.

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