What Should You Expect When You Have Been Diagnosed With Glaucoma

When you are diagnosed to have glaucoma, that’s a life changing event. The newly diagnosed patients should keep in mind that there are several types of glaucoma. Some respond well to the treatment while some don’t.

After you have started using the prescribed treatment, you should be alert for any unusual symptoms. You are the best judge of new symptoms and it’s important for you to explain those symptoms to your doctor.

Optic disc evaluation and visual field assessment are two important examinations to monitor glaucoma. You should be mentally prepared to get these tests done regularly as advised by the ophthalmologist. The treatment must be used regularly as well without any gaps. Irregular and careless use of treatment can cause fluctuation in intra-ocular pressure and can worsen your vision.

George L. Spaeth of Glaucoma Service Foundation says:

The person who has a serious glaucoma, in which the optic nerve already has become damaged must realize that he or she is going to have to make trade-offs. Using drops is a nuisance; the vision is temporarily blurred, it’s not comfortable to have to leave a meeting to go into the bathroom to use one’s drops, it’s a nuisance to make sure that one always has one’s drop with one, etc. But if one has the type of glaucoma that is going to get worse, and the glaucoma is being controlled with medications, either one uses the drops or the glaucoma gets worse.

Symptoms as observed and noticed by the patient and signs found by the doctor constitute the complete clinical picture and the treatment to control glaucoma is decided accordingly. So you should understand your role in the successful management of glaucoma.

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