What is Pseudostrabismus?

Strabismus is also known as squint which in simple terms is ‘deviated eyes’. The eyes appear to be deviated which may be present at birth or may develop later during the childhood. Strabismus may be caused by multiple factors and most of the types are amenable to various types of treatment including glasses and surgery.

There are some conditions which look like squint but on detailed examination, turn out to be normally oriented and normally directed eyes. Pseudostrabismus is the term to describe such conditions.

Pseudostrabismus does not affect vision.

Another situation often confused with strabismus is the normal development of newborns’ eyes. In the first weeks of life, the eyes may wander from time to time – especially if the baby is tired. In normal development, the baby is able to focus both eyes on the same object most of the time. In true strabismus, the baby is usually unable to focus both eyes on the same object at the same time.

[Image by Anja Disseldorp/ CC BY 2.0]

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