What is Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution?

Bimatoprost (available as Lumigan, Careprost, Bimat etc.) is an eye drug for the treatment of glaucoma and ocular hypertension. People can also lose vision due to increased pressure in eyes. In glaucoma and ocular hypertension, fluid remains in eyes and puts pressure on them. Bimatoprost reduces this pressure from eyes by flowing the fluid out of eyes. This medication is useful for people in whom other eye medications do not show effect. Bimatoprost produces good intraocular pressure lowering effect in such people.

The class of drugs to which Bimatoprost belongs is prostamides. Bimatoprost saves eyes from glaucomatous damage and also prevents further loss of vision.

Bimatoprost is also used in the treatment of hypotrichosis. In this condition eyelashes start falling and give nude look to eyelashes. It enhances the growth of eyelashes. It makes them longer and thicker both.

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Dosage of Bimatoprost for Glaucoma Management

Bimatoprost comes in solution form. It is a prescription drug. The number of drops should be put exactly as told by doctor. Bimatoprost is put in the affected eyes once a day. The drug should be used at the same time daily. The drug is effective when taken at evenly spaced intervals. Dosage tips are also written on the label. Follow all of them.

The usage of Bimatoprost should not be exceeded or lessened without any medical advice. Clean hands before using Bimatoprost. Do not touch dropper with anything. It may contaminate the dropper, hence can cause infection in eyes. Tilt the head back and put a single drop. Close eyes gently. Do not squeeze or blink eyes after putting medication in it for two to three minutes.

Side Effects of Bimatoprost

Few common side effects are a part of Bimatoprost. Tear in eyes, dry eyes, itchy eyes, irritation, burning sensation and headache are commonly seen side effects of the drug. They occur and then also vanish in some time without harming eyes in any way. Physician should only be informed about these side effects if they do not go away for a long time. These side effects are easy to bear also. On regular use of the drug body becomes adapted to them.

Bimatoprost can also show some serious side effects sometimes. If you experience them, it is strictly advised to see your healthcare provider immediately. Light sensitivity, pink eye and swelling of the eyelids are serious signs. All these conditions should be treated immediately. If you experience color change in and around eyes, notify it to your doctor.

Storage of Bimatoprost

For storing Bimatoprost room temperature is best. Store the drug in an environment having 15 to 30 degree celsius temperature. Extreme Temperatures can change the drug composition which may further affect the effectiveness. Chemicals present in this medication can get affected at extreme temperature and because of this, the drug may not remain effective any longer.

Heat, light and moisture are also not appropriate surroundings for storing Bimatoprost. Keep the drug in a container which is airtight. Bimatoprost should be kept away from children. A dry, cool place is good for it. Expired Bimatoprost should be discarded at once and should not be stored at home.

Precautions with Bimatoprost

Before using bimatoprost eye drops inform your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Without doctor’s advice, do not use this drug. Notify doctor if you are allergic to bimatoprost or to any of its constituents. It is helpful in deciding whether the drug is good for use or not.

During the treatment, a doctor should also be notified about what all prescription and non prescription drugs you are taking. In case, If you are using any other supplements with this medication, tell your physician about them as well. During Bimatoprost treatment, if you suffer from any eye injury, infection or you undergo any eye surgery; ask your doctor whether you should continue using the drug or not. Precautions must to be taken in these cases. Without following them, you cannot expect safe and desired treatment.

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