What Does LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Feel Like?

George Chesterton describes how he underwent LASIK surgery by Professor Dan Reinstein at London Vision Clinic.

One eye was treated for myopia (far-sightedness) and the other eye was treated for presbyopia.

George was amazed at how fast the procedure was and that there was absolutely no pain during and after the procedure.

In the weeks before the procedure I underwent 95 individual tests at the clinic until I was declared suitable for the surgery. One the big day itself, one eye was adjusted for myopia – so I could see things at distance – and the other was adjusted to address presbyopia – the condition that makes reading harder as you get older. The laser creates an outline of tissue that is removed to change the shape of the cornea, then it makes a tiny connecting tunnel through which the surgeon draws out this tissue. All it takes is three minutes an eye. The effect of LBV is that the brain learns to blend the two, removing the need for bifocals or reading glasses. Professor Reinstein has overseen over 24,000 successful laser eye procedures and knows, more than anyone, how to deal with patients with strong prescriptions or complications a less experienced surgeon would struggle with.

Via gq-magazine.co.uk

Professor Reinstein further adds that there is no significant incidence of dry eyes after LASIK laser eye surgery vis-a-vis using contact lenses for vision correction. The night driving is also better after LASIK surgery than with contact lenses.

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