What are Lasik Side Effects and Complications?

Some people are not aware of lasik side effects and complications because they don’t understand that lasik procedure is a ‘surgery’. It’s not just a simple ‘magical laser procedure’. Agreed that it is not very complicated and time-taking but it is a surgery nonetheless. Once you understand that lasik is a surgery, you will also realize that this surgery may have undesired complications and other minor side effects.

What is a side effect?

Side effect is an expected event after the surgery which is, in most of the cases, minor and resolves spontaneously.

What are common lasik side effects?

  1. Short-term dry eye and foreign body sensation
  2. Itchy eyes
  3. Glare or sensitivity to light – can be offset by dark glasses
  4. Halos – appearance of rings around bright lights
  5. Fluctuation in vision especially in the early few days after lasik
  6. Difficult night driving

What is a complication?

A complication is an unwanted and unintended event which takes place during or after surgery and requires change in the techniques or steps of surgery if the complication occurs during the surgery or it requires additional treatment if the complication occurs after the surgery.

What are some complications of Lasik eye surgery?

EyeWiki lists the following as complications of lasik procedure:

  1. Buttonhole in the flap
  2. Incomplete or irregular flap
  3. Perforation of cornea
  4. Gas bubble in the anterior chamber of the eye
  5. Defects in the corneal epithelium
  6. Bleeding
  7. Collection of debris under the flap
  8. Over-correction or under-correction of the refractive error
  9. Folds in the flap
  10. Dislocation of the flap
  11. Long-term dry eye and foreign body sensation
  12. Diffuse inflammation of cornea
  13. Infection

Many eye clinics and hospitals promote their lasik laser surgery as a quick, painless and hassle-free procedure. They present it as more of a lucrative medical product/service rather than an invasive eye procedure. This marketing practice is justifiable but it gives a too simplistic impression to the potential clients. Their expectations from the lasik procedure are much higher than what they would experience in reality.

This does not mean that lasik eye surgery is something you should not choose to get rid of your glasses or contact lenses. Lasik surgery is considered to be one of the fastest, safest and most effective medical procedures. The rates of side effects and complications are quite low and they are lower if you get it done by an experienced eye specialist.

With newer and better techniques like SMILE laser procedure, you can get better visual results with significantly less side effects and complications.

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