How to Fix Deviated Eyes and Eye Alignment Disorders

Deviated eyes also called as squint or strabismus is a condition in which the direction of eyes is misaligned. It may or may not be associated with poor vision in one or both eyes and double vision, also know as diplopia. Historical Perspective Over the past several generations it was felt that very little could be done for misaligned eyes in adults. Recently there has been a marked improvement in the outcome of treatment for [...]

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What is Pseudostrabismus?

Strabismus is also known as squint which in simple terms is 'deviated eyes'. The eyes appear to be deviated which may be present at birth or may develop later during the childhood. Strabismus may be caused by multiple factors and most of the types are amenable to various types of treatment including glasses and surgery. There are some conditions which look like squint but on detailed examination, turn out to be normally oriented and normally [...]