Does Nicotine Dilate Pupils? (What Research Shows)

A look at how nicotine affects pupil size has been published in mainstream media, with some scientists and journalists claiming that people who use tobacco develop enlarged pupils, indicating that they are addicted or under the influence. Yet, the science is unclear. There is no evidence that tobacco users have enlarged pupils, and it's not very clear if tobacco use affects pupil size. Moreover, the size of pupils may not be a reliable sign of [...]

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How does Smoking after Cataract Surgery Affect Visual Outcome? 

In the past 30 years, many advances have been made for those who have undergone cataract surgery. The procedure has been improved to allow for clearer vision and fewer side effects. In some cases, however, smokers experience an increase in the amount of time it takes to heal after surgery. Why Is Smoking Bad after Cataract Surgery? Smoking after cataract surgery can create complications with healing, increase the risk of infection and cause additional side [...]

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Can Smoking Cause Eye Problems?

Smoking is responsible for 6 million deaths every year. Morbidity caused by it is even more common. Smoking affects all parts of the body including the eyes. Here are some diseases and conditions of the eyes which may be caused or aggravated by smoking tobacco: 1. Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD): AMD as the name implies is age-related and is multifactorial. There are two types of AMD - dry and wet. There is no cure for [...]

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