Conjunctival Autograft Prevents Recurrence of Pterygium

Pterygium is a degenerative fibrovascular growth which originates from the conjunctiva (the membrane on the white part of the eye) and encroaches the cornea (the transparent tissue at the front of the eye). In the early stages, it can cause astigmatism. As it grows further, it can even cause blindness if not treated timely. Surgery is the only option to get rid of pterygium. It is known for recurrence if the surgical technique is not good. [...]

Color of Your Sclera Is a Cue for Your Health, Attractiveness and Age

Sclera is the tough outer coat of the eyeball. If you consider the surface anatomy of the eye, sclera is the white part of the eyeball. The white part actually is a combination of two layers - sclera is covered anteriorly with conjunctiva which is largely transparent. You will notice that the sclera in young children is quite white and 'spotless'. As we age, the sclera gradually becomes yellowish and even brownish. This is the [...]

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