Presbyopia – Causes and Treatment You Must Know

Although there are different theories on the causes of presbyopia, it is brought on by a decrease in functionality of the eye’s crystalline lens. The ability to focus on near objects decreases, making it harder to read fine print or work on the computer. Age and Presbyopia If you are not using some form of vision correction by the age of 45, your eyes are ahead of the curve. Healthy eyes use a [...]

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Reading Glasses: Read This Before Buying

The term ‘reading glasses’ is used for glasses which are used for near work including reading. The power of the lenses in the reading glasses may exclusively be only for near work or the glasses may have lenses for both distance and near work (bifocal or progressive reading glasses). Why do we need reading glasses? In children and young adults, the natural lens in the eye is more elastic and has the ability to change [...]

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Can Presbyopia Be Managed Without Glasses?

Presbyopia is a condition of middle-age in which near vision becomes poor. It is usually corrected with glasses. The newer treatments are aimed at getting rid of glasses. Corneal inlays are tiny implants which are inserted into the cornea changing its shape and refractive power. Raindrop inlay is one such example. A gel-like device that looks like a miniature contact lens, the Raindrop inlay is smaller than the eye of a needle, and is placed [...]

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What Does LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Feel Like?

George Chesterton describes how he underwent LASIK surgery by Professor Dan Reinstein at London Vision Clinic. One eye was treated for myopia (far-sightedness) and the other eye was treated for presbyopia. George was amazed at how fast the procedure was and that there was absolutely no pain during and after the procedure. In the weeks before the procedure I underwent 95 individual tests at the clinic until I was declared suitable for the surgery. One [...]

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When Should I Change My Reading Glasses?

We need reading glasses to correct presbyopia. Presbyopia is a condition which appears around the age of forty years in which distance vision is good but objects at close distance are blurred. This condition is related to age and is clinically similar to hypermetropia (far-sightedness) which is found in younger age group. Click here to know more about presbyopia. Symptoms of Presbyopia Around the age of 40 years, you may start noticing that you cannot [...]

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What is Second Sight and How Does it Happen?

The phenomenon of 'second sight' is quite interesting as it appears to the patients to be a 'magical' restoration of vision after the vision of the patient becomes poor. After several years of using glasses to be able to have clear vision for near work, the patient starts seeing well again without glasses. Most of the times they attribute it to some kind of supernatural power or their prayers but this phenomenon occurs because [...]

FAQ – I can’t see well, do I have cataract?

I frequently get this question from people especially who are 40 years plus. Many are concerned about this problem but they don't have enough time to visit an ophthalmologist. This post gives you a broad understanding of this visual problem. The answer to the above question is no and yes, in that order of probability. In this context, it is important to know that refractive errors are the most common cause of poor visual acuity. [...]

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