Role of iStent in Glaucoma Surgery

A new device 'iStent' (a tiny L-shaped tube about one millimetre long) is used in modern glaucoma surgeries. It ensures the patency of the channel which is surgically created to facilitate outflow of aqueous from the eye in order to keep the intraocular pressure in the normal range. It is now increasingly being used by glaucoma surgeons all over the world with good surgical results. As the name suggests, the iStent injection involves the surgical [...]

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Why Tapering Off the Dose of Steroid Eye Drops is Important

Steroids are potent anti-inflammatory drugs which are used for a variety of eye diseases. They produce relatively quicker action and better control of inflammation and prevent serious damage to fragile tissues of the eye. At the same time, steroids cause significant side effects and need to be used judiciously. Additionally, if the use of steroids is stopped suddenly especially after prolonged use, the inflammation could come back. "Don't taper too quickly. Wait until the inflammation is [...]

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