Glaucoma Types, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Types of Glaucoma Glaucoma refers to a group of illnesses that damage the optic nerve of the eyes. This disease affects millions of people, causing pain, vision problems and long-term vision loss. There are several different types of glaucoma that can impact vision. Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma (POAG) Primary open-angle glaucoma is often referred to as "the silent thief of sight" because there are few or no warning signs. Unfortunately, approximately half of people with glaucoma [...]

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Laser Peripheral Iridotomy Procedure and Its Role in Glaucoma Management

Laser Peripheral iridotomy is an office procedure performed with lasers which involves making a hole in the periphery of the iris to create a communication between posterior chamber (the space between lens and iris) and anterior chamber (the space between iris and cornea). It is mainly used in narrow angle glaucoma and some other conditions (e.g.: plateau iris) where the aqueous needs to flow freely from posterior chamber to anterior chamber. Laser peripheral iridotomy is [...]

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Is High Eye Pressure Always Glaucoma?

No. High eye pressure or intraocular pressure (IOP) is not always harmful and not always associated with glaucoma (damage to optic nerve). The normal range of intraocular pressure is traditionally considered to be between 10 and 21 millimeter of mercury (mmHg) but there are people who have high IOP but no glaucoma. This condition is called as ‘Ocular Hypertension’ (OHT). On the other hand, there are some people who have normal eye pressure but they [...]

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Now New Intra-Ocular Pressure Test Could Save The Vision Of Cataract Patients

The eye undergoes fluctuations in intaocular pressure during cataract surgery. The exposure to high pressure may cause damage to the retinal nerve fiber layer and optic nerve. Precisely knowing the intraocular pressure especially at the end of cataract surgery will ensure the high pressure is managed immediately and efficiently to avoid glaucomatous damage to the eye. Professor John Jarstad, of the University of Missouri, said: "The current standard of care following cataract surgery is to [...]

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CyPass® Micro-Stent – A New Solution for Glaucoma by Alcon

Alcon has announced the launch of CyPass® Micro-Stent which is implanted in the eye of those who have mild to moderate glaucoma. The stent was developed by Transcend Medical, Inc. which was acquired by Alcon this year (2016). The device has been approved by US Food and Drug Administration for use in primary open-angle glaucoma patients. Sergio Duplan, Region President, North America, Alcon says “This new treatment option for cataract patients with mild to moderate primary open-angle glaucoma has [...]

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