Stye on Your Eyelids? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

What is stye? The word ‘stye’ (pronounced as ‘sty’ - rhymes with ‘fly’) originated from an old English word stīgend meaning ‘riser’. Stye on eyelids is an acute infection of glands of zeis which are present at the roots of eyelashes (cilia). The infection is usually caused by Staphylococcus bacteria (90-95% of cases) but other bacteria may also initiate the infection. The infection tends to center around an eyelash follicle. Stye is equally found in [...]

What is Cryptophthalmos?

Cryptophthalmos (hidden eye) is a rare disorder which involves complete or partial failure of development of eyelids. It is usually associated with varying degrees of incomplete development of eyeball. Anterior segment of the eye globe is mainly poorly developed or not present at all. If cryptophthalmos is associated with genitourinary defects and syndactyly (a condition in which some or all of the fingers or toes are partially or wholly united), it is called Fraser syndrome. [...]

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