How Many Drops Are There In A 5 mL Bottle? This is a question commonly asked by patients especially the users of glaucoma eye drops since they are supposed to take the treatment for a long time. How many drops a bottle will dispense depends on the viscosity of the drug and the size of the hole in the eye dropper. It is generally accepted that the drugs which have the viscosity similar to that of water will have about 20 drops in one [...]

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How Many Drops To Instil In The Eye

I frequently come across patients who exhaust their eye drops in a few days only. One vial should be sufficient for a few weeks of average use but when they tell me that their eye drops have finished one week or so after the prescription, I know where things went wrong. Routinely, we recommend only one drop of the medication in the eye. Why only one drop? Because that is how dosage of any eye [...]

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