Glaucoma Surgery vs Eye Drops – Which is a Better Option?

Glaucoma surgery vs eye drops - this has always been a dilemma for patients of glaucoma as well as the treating doctors. Medical management is usually the preferred first line of therapy for glaucoma and surgery is commonly reserved for patients who are resistant to medical therapy, intolerant of glaucoma medication or simply non-compliant. However, there is ample evidence that a trabeculectomy (a gold standard for glaucoma surgery) performed early in the course of glaucoma [...]

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Why Tapering Off the Dose of Steroid Eye Drops is Important

Steroids are potent anti-inflammatory drugs which are used for a variety of eye diseases. They produce relatively quicker action and better control of inflammation and prevent serious damage to fragile tissues of the eye. At the same time, steroids cause significant side effects and need to be used judiciously. Additionally, if the use of steroids is stopped suddenly especially after prolonged use, the inflammation could come back. "Don't taper too quickly. Wait until the inflammation is [...]

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How to Instill Eyedrops

Eye drops are the most commonly used method of treatment to mange eye diseases and conditions. It is important to know how the eye drops should be put into the eyes so that maximum amount of the instilled drug is delivered to the target tissue - whether it is on the surface of the eye or a tissue deeper inside. The most common mistake is to instill more than one drop. The eye surface cannot accommodate [...]

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How Many Drops To Instil In The Eye

I frequently come across patients who exhaust their eye drops in a few days only. One vial should be sufficient for a few weeks of average use but when they tell me that their eye drops have finished one week or so after the prescription, I know where things went wrong. Routinely, we recommend only one drop of the medication in the eye. Why only one drop? Because that is how dosage of any eye [...]

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