The Eye Is A Window To The Body

The eye is a unique organ to have transparent structures such as cornea, lens and vitreous. The transparency of these parts of the eye is vital to its function as an organ for visual perception. The light reflected from the objects around us passes through these parts to reach the retina and the visual information is then conveyed to the brain via the optic nerve. The occipital cortex of the brain actually interprets the visual [...]

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Floaters in the Eyes – Ten Facts You Must Know

1. What are eye floaters? They are tiny specks floating in the visual field variously described as dark, black, brown or gray in color and may be visible as dots, threads, cobwebs or any irregular shape. A floater is not present in front of the eye or on the surface of the eye but is actually a shadow cast on the retina by cells, fibers or blood 'inside' the eye - in the vitreous as [...]

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