Is It Possible to Use Stem Cell Treatment for Eyes to Restore Vision?

The cornea is a transparent structure at the front of the eye and is mainly responsible for focusing of incoming light rays on the retina for clear vision. The health of cornea is maintained by stem cells present at the junction of cornea and sclera (the white part of the eye) called as limbus. If the limbal stem cells themselves are damaged, the healing of corneal tissue becomes impaired. Scientists at University of Georgia’s Regenerative [...]

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Ophthalmic Equipment Market to Grow and Expand Rapidly

USA, Canada, Europe, India and China are the biggest markets for the ophthalmic equipment and devices. With rapidly changing technology, ophthalmology practice will see significant growth in the coming years. Global ophthalmology device market has emerged as one of the growing segments in medical devices market, due to increased demand of ophthalmology devices for treatment of eye diseases. Moreover, increasing prevalence of eye disorders, aging population, increasing government investment towards research activities and technical advancements [...]

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Future Of Gene Therapy For Corneal Diseases Causing Blindness

Cornea is an important part of the eye required for clear vision. Even microscopic changes in cornea can cause moderate to severe reduction in vision. These changes may be the result of various pathological processes, for instance infection, injury, metabolic disorders and degenerative changes. Depending on the cause, medical and surgical treatments including corneal transplantation and keratoprosthesis surgeries are used to achieve optimal vision. But we should probably expect much more. According to Dr. Stephen [...]

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What Is SMILE Laser And How It Is Different From LASIK Eye Surgery

SMILE laser eye surgery is a relatively new technology used for improving the vision by applying laser to the lens as well as the cornea. SMILE stands for Small incision lenticule extraction. In this technique, a small lenticular or disc of corneal tissue is removed with femtosecond laser. While in LASIK surgery, a flap is made on the surface of cornea to ablate the inner tissue, in SMILE surgery the lenticule or disc is removed from [...]

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Can the LASIK Procedure be Repeated in the Same Eye?

After LASIK procedure, the vision usually improves to a satisfactory level but in some people, it is not what they desired. Additionally, in some other patients, the vision deteriorates after some time. In such cases, LASIK can be repeated to further improve the vision. Lasik Enhancement or touch up is a procedure following the original lasik procedure with the goal of further sharpening the vision. This procedure is usually performed when the original Lasik surgery [...]

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Conjunctival Autograft Prevents Recurrence of Pterygium

Pterygium is a degenerative fibrovascular growth which originates from the conjunctiva (the membrane on the white part of the eye) and encroaches the cornea (the transparent tissue at the front of the eye). In the early stages, it can cause astigmatism. As it grows further, it can even cause blindness if not treated timely. Surgery is the only option to get rid of pterygium. It is known for recurrence if the surgical technique is not good. [...]

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