Collagen Eye Mask – The Best Product for Puffy Eyes

Do you know that the eyes are the first in our body to get tired and dull if we do not get proper rest and proper diet? Yes, the eyes are so delicate and so is the skin under the eyes as well. And eyes are the first to show the aging process as well. However we care for the eyes, some of us do suffer with puffy under eyes. Why do we get these [...]

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How Aging Affects Our Eyes

Our eyes just like other organs of the body develop changes with aging. While some changes are strictly ocular in origin, many are primarily caused by systemic diseases and conditions which affect the eyes also. The effects of aging in our eyes are basically because of changes in the hardness and transparency of the lens, degeneration of retina, hardening of blood vessels (arteriosclerosis) and degeneration of nerve fibers. Here is a summary of the effects [...]

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