Study Says the Blue Light Does Not Damage the Eyes

Some studies have shown previously that exposure to LED (light emitting diode) light, especially the shorter wavelength of white light (blue light) can cause damage to the retina induced by oxidative stress. The other sources which emit blue light are computers, tablets, television screens and mobile phones. LED lights as well as the use of digital devices has increased in the last few years and its use is likely to be much more in the future.

A recent study conducted in the UK assessed many sources for the amount of blue light they emitted. The amount of exposure to blue light was compared to the recommended international exposure limits. It was also compared with the exposure of blue light received form looking at the clear blue sky.

The study found that none of the sources were found to emit blue light which could damage the eye even on long exposure. The researchers also concluded that of all the sources tested, looking at the clear sky produced more exposure to blue light than the digital devices and LED light.

This is in contrast to older studies which indicated that prolonged exposure to blue light could damage the retina of the eye. Apart from retinal damage, the effect of blue light on circadian rhythm (internal biological clock) is also important as it disturbs the sleep cycle if we are exposed to blue light in the evening and night time.

To establish the effect of blue light on retinal health, more and larger studies need to be undertaken which involve humans rather than animals.

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  1. It damaged my eyes. For 10* years from a young age I have owned tablets and kept them practically glued to my face. My bad habit is that I would stay up very late at night, and stare into for hours and would usually keep one eye closed (my left) Now, my right eye can’t read blue led/neon signs often seen on storefronts/walmart isle lights, microwave/oven/alarmclock lights and any other blue light. I have to be a foot away to actually see them with my right eye, my left eye does not have this issue whatsoever. If I close my right eye, I can read them from 15 feet away (or more). My right eye sees any blue light as an intense blue blur, leading me to believe that the receptors in my eye specifically related to picking up the color blue have been damaged so much so because of electronic blue light. Kids, who are constantly on their phones or devices (especially at night) are going to show the signs of damage as well when they are older, ever if they aren’t showing any signs now (that they can notice) A blue light filter should always be used ESPECIALLY with constant prolonged exposure. I don’t know if I will ever be able to heal the damage caused to my eyes, and can only hope in the future we will have solutions for this because of what is inevitably going to happen with a rise in eye damage.


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