Role of iStent in Glaucoma Surgery

A new device ‘iStent’ (a tiny L-shaped tube about one millimetre long) is used in modern glaucoma surgeries. It ensures the patency of the channel which is surgically created to facilitate outflow of aqueous from the eye in order to keep the intraocular pressure in the normal range. It is now increasingly being used by glaucoma surgeons all over the world with good surgical results.

Role of iStent in Glaucoma Surgery

As the name suggests, the iStent injection involves the surgical insertion of a tiny, almost invisible, stent into the eye. The stent then creates a permanent channel through the eye that restores its natural outflow. In lay terms, it unblocks the clogged drainage system and restores the natural checks and balances involved in controlling pressure within the eye.

“It’s amazing technology and certainly easier for the surgeon — but you still need a lot of dexterity because you are using both hands during the procedure,” said Al karmi, who added that the surgery can be performed on its own or immediately following cataracts removal.

[Image by National Eye Institute/ CC BY 2.0]

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