Remember This Before You Buy Decorative Or Colored Contact Lenses

Some people use decorative or colored contact lenses for special occasions or parties while some others use them just for a change in their eyewear.

The contact lenses which are used for refractive correction are usually prescribed by licensed eye-care professionals. Also, they are sold by licensed shops and websites. The same practice and rules apply to the prescription and sale of the decorative or colored contact lenses also.

It’s therefore important to know that you should not buy these lenses from unlicensed shops and websites. Decorative or colored contact lenses purchased from such sources may cause harm to your eyes. You may develop serious eye problems including infection and scarring with long-term visual consequences some of which may be irreversible.

Equally important is to use the lenses only on the prescription of an eye doctor following a basic eye examination especially if you have never used contact lenses in the past. The eye doctor will make sure that the prescribed lenses suit your needs.

Remember that your eyes are very delicate organs and you cannot afford to play with them with self-prescription and self-medication.

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