Proptosis – Protrusion of the Eye Could Be a Sign of Cancer

Meningioma is a tumor arising from the covering layers of the brain in the cranial cavity and the optic nerve behind the eye in the orbit. The tumor can cause gradual loss of vision in one eye and may be associated with protrusion of the involved eye as the tumor pushes the eye forward.

Both the children and the adults are affected. The diagnosis can be confirmed with CT and MRI. Surgery or radiotherapy or both may be required to remove or destroy the tumor.

It is important to note that any protrusion of the eye should be treated as caused by a serious disease unless proved otherwise. Here is a story of a child who developed meningioma:

Proptosis - Protrusion of the Eye Could Be a Sign of CancerWhen Tina Smith, 40, first noticed her five-year-old son Alfie Smith’s right eye was protruding, she thought he’d just banged it while messing about with his siblings Liam Carey, 21 Lewis Carey, 19 and Jordan Carey, 17. But, as the swelling worsened, so did her concern. After a long stint of being passed around various different doctors, the family were finally given a diagnosis at Poole Hospital in Dorset.

Meningioma is not the only tumor which causes proptosis. Rhabdomyosarcoma is another tumor found in children which can cause protrusion of the eye – and in this scenario also, it is a sign of cancer. This is usually the first symptom of rhabdomyosarcoma and the rate of proptosis is quite rapid. Just like meningioma, it is also a life-threatening condition.

[Image by Peachy Weasel/ CC BY 2.0]

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