Latanoprost (Xalatan) Vs Travoprost (Travatan)

Latanoprost Ophthalmic Solution

Latanoprost (brand name – Xalatan) is an effective eye medication. It is capable of treating two eye conditions- glaucoma and ocular hypertension. This medication treats the problem of increased pressure inside eyes. Eyes feel pressure due to fluid and this further leads to vision loss, pain in eyes and other such problems.

Latanoprost is efficient in treating this condition. It gives relief to eyes by draining fluid form the eyes by increasing the flow of natural fluid.

Travoprost Ophthalmic Solution

Travoprost (brand name – Travatan) eye drop is an effective medication for overcoming problems like glaucoma and ocular hypertension. It is an approved drug for the same.

If these eye conditions are not treated on time, a person can lose vision. With the help of an efficient treatment like Travoprost, these eye problems can be treated. Eyes suffer from extreme pressure due to fluid in these conditions. Continuous pressure can cause extreme damage to eyes.

Travoprost lowers the pressure in eyes by increasing the flow of natural eye fluids out of the eye. This medication belongs to the class of prostanoid agonists.

Apart from Latanoprost and Travoprost, other important anti-glaucoma eye drops are Timolol, Bimatoprost and Brimonidine ophtalmic solutions.

Dosage of Latanoprost

Latanoprost (Xalatan) is a prescription drug. This medication should not be used without consulting a healthcare professional. Latanoprost is a prescription medication hence it should be used only on prescription. Any alteration to the prescription without any medical advice, is not recommended.

Latanoprost has only one standard recommended dose, which can be used regardless of your age and weight. Over dosage and under dosage of drug, without consulting your physician may cause some ill effects.

Latanoprost is useful for the treatment of glaucoma or high eye pressure (ocular hypertension). Just one drop of Latanoprost into the affected eye(s) once in a day is enough for it to work for 24 hours. To make the medication work properly, it is essential to take it as prescribed. If you think you are unsure about the dosage, then please talk to your doctor.

Dosage of Travoprost

Taking Travoprost (Travatan) eye drops as instructed by doctor, is necessary for the safe and right treatment. It is wise to use these eye drops as prescribed. The number of drops should not be increased without consulting a doctor. It can lead to side effects.

Hands should be cleaned and washed properly before applying the drug to avoid contamination. While applying the drug tilt the head backwards and pull the lower eyelid. Put the required number of drops and close your eyes. Keep them closes for 2 minutes. Safeguard the tip of the dropper against dust or any other un-hygienic objects.

Try not to miss any dose of Travoprost. If missed, apply as soon you remember however do not overdose, in order to make up for the missed dose, if it is the time for next regular dose as prescribed.

Side Effects of Latanoprost

All medications have some major or minor side effects and Latanoprost (Xalatan) eye drop is not an exception. The commonly observed side effects of Latanoprost are, blurred vision, change in the growth of eye lashes, burning sensation in eyes, dryness, itching, continuous watery eyes, etc.

Do not take any medical treatment for these side effects. They are harmless by nature and stop occurring once body becomes adapted to the drug.

In some cases you may observe some severe side effects of Latanoprost, such as allergic reactions- itching, swelling of mouth/face/tongue, difficulty in breathing, chest pain, loss in vision or sudden darkening or color blindness, etc. Immediately consult with your doctor if you experience any such serious side effects.

Side Effects of Travoprost

Travoprost (Travatan) eye drops may cause side effects if not used in the way as directed by your doctor. Usually people experience side effects like blurred vision, itching in eyes, dryness, redness, dizziness, dry mouth, fatigue, exhaustion or tiredness etc.

These side effects are minor, nontoxic and vanish with time. However, if they stay for a long time, see your doctor immediately and seek the treatment.

On the other hand, this drug may show some severe side effects. Sudden increase in heartbeats, continuous headache, inflammation in eyes, low vision and extreme sensitivity to light are some serious side effects which require immediate consideration.

Allergic reactions like rashes on body, itching, swelling on face or mouth, severe dizziness, trouble in breathing are also serious side effects. Get medical advice at the earliest for these harmful effects.

Storage of Latanoprost

For best results store Latanoprost (Xalatan) eye drops with special care. Latanoprost eye drops bottle should be stored unopened in the refrigerator at about 2°C – 8°C. Do not freeze the drug. Once the bottle is opened for use, it should be stored at the room temperature of 25°C – 28°C.

Dispose the bottle after 6 weeks from the time it is opened for use. Airtight box is best for storage of this medication. Safeguard the drug against heat, light and moisture. Kitchen and bathroom are not the right places for keeping the drug. Last but not the least, keep it away from the reach of children.

Storage of Travoprost

Travoprost (Travatan) eye drops should be stored under right environmental conditions. Maintenance of this drug is very important. The medication works properly, if stored well. Chemical stability of the drug gets affected if kept under unfavorable conditions. Place the bottle in standing position.

The temperature around the drug should be within 15 degree to 30 degree. Only room temperature is favorable for the drug. Do not keep Travoprost eye drops in kitchen or in bathroom as the heat generated from this place would bring changes in chemical composition of the medication and turns it ineffective.

The drug should be kept far away from children’s reach. This drug is for adults use only. It is advised to dispose the drug after expiration.

Precautions with Latanoprost

Before taking Latanoprost (Xalatan) eye drops, it is important for you to know all the precautionary steps. Following right precautionary steps gives you maximum result and benefits.

Stop using Latanoprost eye drops for some time if you are planning for any eye related surgery. Also take advice about the same from your doctor. Remove contact lenses for using Latanoprost eye drops, and continue using them after 15-20 minutes of putting the eye drop.

If you are using any other eye drop simultaneously with Latanoprost eye drops, then keep a gap of at least 5- 10 minutes between the use of two drugs. Both the drugs may interact and cause trouble to eyes. Do not use Latanoprost eye drop during pregnancy and make sure that you consult with your physician before using it.

Washing hands before and after using this drug is advisable as it reduces the chances of eye infection due to contamination. Do not touch the tip of the dropper with any object, hand, or eyelids.

Be careful while doing activities which needs clear vision such as driving, handling machine because the vision become blurry or unstable for sometime after using Latanoprost eye drop.

Precautions with Travoprost

Following precautions while taking Travoprost (Travatan) eye drops is important as it can prevent side effects. Abide by your doctor’s precautions strictly.

Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers are advised to avoid it. Travoprost eye drops have preservatives, so do not apply the drug if wearing contact lenses as preservatives are absorbed by lenses.

Remove the lenses first and after few minutes apply the drops. If you apply any other eye ointment or drops for any other eye disease, keep a gap of 10 minutes in between the two medications.

Avoid driving or operating heavy machineries until you get a clear vision after applying the medication. Travoprost eye drops should not be used without doctor’s recommendation.

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