How to Instill Eyedrops

Eye drops are the most commonly used method of treatment to mange eye diseases and conditions. It is important to know how the eye drops should be put into the eyes so that maximum amount of the instilled drug is delivered to the target tissue – whether it is on the surface of the eye or a tissue deeper inside.

The most common mistake is to instill more than one drop. The eye surface cannot accommodate more than one drop at a time and the extra amount spills out of the eye immediately. If you do the math, a bottle which should be sufficient for a full month, will be exhausted in half a month if two, instead of one, drops are put in the eyes. This consideration is specially relevant for the expensive drugs.

Here is a brief video demonstrating how the eyedrops should be instilled into the eye:

[Image by Mr328K/ CC BY 2.0]

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