Clarifye – LensCrafters’ New Eye Exam

Eye examination made quick and easy by Lenscrafters’ Clarifye eye exam.

LensCrafters’ New Clarifye Eye ExamClarifye, their patented eye exam, has been rolling out to the majority of their 900+ stores across the country since early July, and to new LensCrafters stores, with the most recent store opening in the heart of Chicago’s South Loop at The Shops at Roosevelt Collection—a new 4,000 square-foot space on the west plaza level of the Collection. There are two components to the exam: diagnosis and consultation. Clarifye uses the most sophisticated group of digital eye exam instruments on the market today—the lens profiler, the vision profiler and a digital projector/phoropter.

The vision profiler captures your eye’s unique front surface characteristics (providing better-than-ever results for fitting contact lenses, for example) and helps diagnose corneal diseases. The vision profiler also measures how light passes through your eyes, providing both a very precise starting point for your correction (if you need one). The health of your retina, blood vessels, and the rest of your eye is assessed using digital retinal imaging techniques. The digital projector and phoropter replace the old sign or projection on the wall as well as the old school device with all those dials and switches. It takes only a few minutes to achieve very precise results—including whether your night vision requires a different prescription. The Lens Profiler uses digital technology to quickly and accurately read the prescription off of your old glasses, assuming you have a pair. The doctor is then able to show you the difference between your old and new prescriptions.

[Image by Doug Waldron / CC BY 2.0]

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