Does Alcohol Affect Eye Pressure? (Truth Revealed)

Alcohol May Increase the Risk of High Eye Pressure According to American Academy of Ophthalmology, the eye pressure lowering effect of alcohol is only transient. Excessive use of alcohol to reduce eye pressure is definitely not recommended. There are also a number of studies showing that ethanol may have a positive effect on IOP for just a couple of hours. This may be a result of some sort of rapid osmotic mechanism that takes place [...]

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BBC Reports Misleading Information Spread By Boots And Vision Express About Blue Light

The effect of blue light on the retina is still a controversial subject. Earlier reports suggested that blue light could cause damage to the retina similar to age-related macular degeneration but later studies showed that that was not the case. BBC tried to highlight the issues involving Boots and Vision Express who are misinforming their customers about the effect of blue light without any substantial evidence to support their claim: Boots and Vision Express are misleading [...]

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Pharmacists Are Not Doctors

In many under-developed and developing countries, it is quite a common practice that a patient who has some eye complaint does not go to a qualified ophthalmologist for proper eye examination. He instead goes to a pharmacist or rather a 'medicine shop' and asks for 'some eye drop' for his eye problem. The pharmacists quite often behave like doctors and provide the patients with treatment of common eye ailments. While in majority of cases no [...]

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