Habits and Activities to Avoid if You Have Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a group of diseases characterised by damage to optic nerve and visual field defects. Optic nerve is the nerve which conveys visual information from the eye to the brain where the image formed in the eye is actually perceived. Visual field is the whole area which the eye sees. The most important factor to cause glaucoma and also the most important modifiable factor is the eye pressure (intraocular pressure). Higher pressures tend [...]

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How to Prevent Eye Allergy

Eye allergy which is also known as Allergic Conjunctivitis is quite common. Recent studies suggest that the prevalence of allergic conjunctivitis in general population is as high as 40%. Allergy cannot be cured. It can only be treated when the symptoms (itching, tearing, redness of eyes and puffiness of eyelids) become moderate to severe. The best way to deal with allergy is to prevent it in the first place. Here are some changes you [...]

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For Your Eyes Only

What new things are you going to try or do as the New Year is at your door steps? Whether you are a kind of person who makes new year resolutions every year to start a new project or change a habit or you are a kind of person who does not believe in the absurdity of associating a change in your life with the arrival of a new year, here is a small list [...]

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Can Prolonged Use of a Tight Necktie Cause Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a group of conditions which is characterized by damaged optic nerve (the nerve which conveys visual information from the eye to the brain) and loss of field of vision. One of the most important risk factors for glaucoma is high intraocular pressure (IOP). If the pressure inside the eye is high, it damages the optic nerve. Since this process in insidious, visual field of the affected eye is gradually lost. In the late [...]

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Can Smoking Cause Eye Problems?

Smoking is responsible for 6 million deaths every year. Morbidity caused by it is even more common. Smoking affects all parts of the body including the eyes. Here are some diseases and conditions of the eyes which may be caused or aggravated by smoking tobacco: 1. Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD): AMD as the name implies is age-related and is multifactorial. There are two types of AMD - dry and wet. There is no cure for [...]

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Computer Vision Syndrome – Causes and Treatment

Do you work on computers for long hours? You may have what is known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Go through the following list of symptoms to find out: Eye Symptoms Heaviness of eyes, burning, stingy or foreign body sensation, redness, double vision (diplopia), inability to focus on the computer monitor and blurred vision even after you have finished working on computer. Other Symptoms Headache, neck pain (because of abnormal posture), dizziness and even sleepiness. [...]

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