Collagen Eye Mask – The Best Product for Puffy Eyes

Do you know that the eyes are the first in our body to get tired and dull if we do not get proper rest and proper diet? Yes, the eyes are so delicate and so is the skin under the eyes as well. And eyes are the first to show the aging process as well. However we care for the eyes, some of us do suffer with puffy under eyes. Why do we get these [...]

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Exercises to Avoid With Glaucoma

If you want to know which exercises to avoid with glaucoma, you have come to the right place. For glaucoma patients and glaucoma suspects, there are some forms of exercises which could potentially damage the optic nerve and worsen the glaucoma. The term glaucoma suspect describes a person with one or more risk factors that may lead to glaucoma, such as an eye pressure problem, but has no recognizable optic nerve damage or visual field [...]

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5 Important Tips to Reduce Computer Vision Syndrome

In the video below, Senior Associate Editor at CNET Sharon Vaknin gives 5 important tips to reduce digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome. Here is an edited transcript of what she said in the video: If sitting in front of computer all day is making your eyes burn, your neck ache and your vision blurry, you might have a common problem - eyestrain or computer vision syndrome. So I will give you five tips [...]

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Eyelash Extensions: Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Eyelash Extensions? Eyelash extensions are commercially available attachments which are glued with the help of semi-permanent adhesive with the natural eyelashes individually to enhance the length, thickness and appearance of the eyelashes. They are different from fake eyelash which is a cluster of eyelashes in one piece. Fake eyelashes (temporary) are meant for 1-2 days duration whereas eyelash extensions (also called as semi-permanent eyelashes) remain in place for 4-6 weeks or even longer [...]

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Can Presbyopia Be Managed Without Glasses?

Presbyopia is a condition of middle-age in which near vision becomes poor. It is usually corrected with glasses. The newer treatments are aimed at getting rid of glasses. Corneal inlays are tiny implants which are inserted into the cornea changing its shape and refractive power. Raindrop inlay is one such example. A gel-like device that looks like a miniature contact lens, the Raindrop inlay is smaller than the eye of a needle, and is placed [...]

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What Does LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Feel Like?

George Chesterton describes how he underwent LASIK surgery by Professor Dan Reinstein at London Vision Clinic. One eye was treated for myopia (far-sightedness) and the other eye was treated for presbyopia. George was amazed at how fast the procedure was and that there was absolutely no pain during and after the procedure. In the weeks before the procedure I underwent 95 individual tests at the clinic until I was declared suitable for the surgery. One [...]

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What Are the Factors Which Help Prevent and Manage Glaucoma?

Those who have family history of glaucoma and those who already have glaucoma are always looking for natural ways to prevent and manage their condition. IOP (intraocular pressure) or simply ‘eye pressure’ is considered to be the only modifiable factor to prevent and control glaucoma. Recent studies have highlighted the role of other factors which indirectly affect the causation and progression of glaucoma disease. Here are some factors which will help you prevent and manage [...]

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What Is Transient Smartphone Blindness and How to Prevent It

What Is Transient Smartphone Blindness Transient Smartphone Blindness (TSB) is a short-duration reduction in vision in one eye after exposure to the bright screen of a smartphone. It’s found in people who use a smartphone in a dark room while lying in the bed on one side with one eye covered with the pillow. Does TSB Really Exist? TSB is quite common but is not easily noticed and even less commonly reported because of its [...]

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Remember This Before You Buy Decorative Or Colored Contact Lenses

Some people use decorative or colored contact lenses for special occasions or parties while some others use them just for a change in their eyewear. The contact lenses which are used for refractive correction are usually prescribed by licensed eye-care professionals. Also, they are sold by licensed shops and websites. The same practice and rules apply to the prescription and sale of the decorative or colored contact lenses also. It’s therefore important to know that [...]

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Can Watching Television in a Dark Room Hurt Your Eyes?

This is a frequently asked question, especially by those who feel that their eyes get strained if they watch television in a dark room. They are concerned if the eye strain contributes to damage to the eyes or they will need glasses if they continue this habit or even they will develop some serious eye diseases. Here are three informative articles regarding this issue. The notion that watching TV in a dark room is bad [...]

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