Now New Intra-Ocular Pressure Test Could Save The Vision Of Cataract Patients

The eye undergoes fluctuations in intaocular pressure during cataract surgery. The exposure to high pressure may cause damage to the retinal nerve fiber layer and optic nerve. Precisely knowing the intraocular pressure especially at the end of cataract surgery will ensure the high pressure is managed immediately and efficiently to avoid glaucomatous damage to the eye. Professor John Jarstad, of the University of Missouri, said: "The current standard of care following cataract surgery is to [...]

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Clarifye – LensCrafters’ New Eye Exam

Eye examination made quick and easy by Lenscrafters' Clarifye eye exam. Clarifye, their patented eye exam, has been rolling out to the majority of their 900+ stores across the country since early July, and to new LensCrafters stores, with the most recent store opening in the heart of Chicago’s South Loop at The Shops at Roosevelt Collection—a new 4,000 square-foot space on the west plaza level of the Collection. There are two components to the [...]

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What is Pseudostrabismus?

Strabismus is also known as squint which in simple terms is 'deviated eyes'. The eyes appear to be deviated which may be present at birth or may develop later during the childhood. Strabismus may be caused by multiple factors and most of the types are amenable to various types of treatment including glasses and surgery. There are some conditions which look like squint but on detailed examination, turn out to be normally oriented and normally [...]

Role of Glaucoma Drainage Devices in Glaucoma Surgeries

Glaucoma causes damage to optic nerve resulting into irreversible loss of vision. There are multiple factors involved but high intraocular pressure (IOP) plays an important role in the process of damage. High IOP is also a factor around which a whole range of treatment modalities revolve. Glaucoma drainage devices of various types are the latest addition to the traditional treatment methods for glaucoma. Known as a “glaucoma drainage device,” “tube shunt,” “glaucoma valve,” or “Seton,” [...]

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Conjunctival Autograft Prevents Recurrence of Pterygium

Pterygium is a degenerative fibrovascular growth which originates from the conjunctiva (the membrane on the white part of the eye) and encroaches the cornea (the transparent tissue at the front of the eye). In the early stages, it can cause astigmatism. As it grows further, it can even cause blindness if not treated timely. Surgery is the only option to get rid of pterygium. It is known for recurrence if the surgical technique is not good. [...]

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