Does Dilation Increase Eye Pressure? (Must-Know Facts)

Our eyes are filled with fluid called aqueous, that helps keep them inflated like a ball. Normal eye pressure can change throughout the day and vary from person to person. In healthy eyes, this fluid drains constantly to keep the eye pressure steady. If your eye pressure is high and your eyesight is regularly deteriorating, it could be a sign that the optic nerve of your eyes is gradually getting damaged. A tonometry test checks [...]

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How to Get Rid of Dilated Eyes Faster (Truth Revealed)

What Is Eye Dilation / Dilatation? During an eye examination, the doctor may dilate your eyes so they can look at the structures located at the back of your eye. The doctor looks for conditions such as these: High blood pressure: When your blood pressure is untreated for a long period, you could damage the retina's blood vessels. Retinal function can be impaired in certain cases of untreated high blood pressure. Detachment of the retina [...]

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What are the Tests for Glaucoma Evaluation?

Most people with glaucoma do not experience noticeable symptoms. Therefore, it is important to schedule a comprehensive eye examination with an eye care professional. Detailed glaucoma evaluation is the only way to tell if you have glaucoma. Below are some of the tests involved in a complete eye examination. This information will help you better understand what to expect during your eye examination. Patient Interview The purpose is to establish patient history. Before examining your [...]

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