BBC Reports Misleading Information Spread By Boots And Vision Express About Blue Light

The effect of blue light on the retina is still a controversial subject. Earlier reports suggested that blue light could cause damage to the retina similar to age-related macular degeneration but later studies showed that that was not the case. BBC tried to highlight the issues involving Boots and Vision Express who are misinforming their customers about the effect of blue light without any substantial evidence to support their claim:

Boots and Vision Express are misleading customers on the damage done by blue light emitted from electronic devices, according to BBC One’s Watchdog .

In Tuesday night’s programme, undercover reporters visited five stores of each eyewear retailer posing as glasses shoppers. Six out of 10 of the stores reportedly made health claims that have no concrete evidence behind them.

In the investigation, opticians state that blue light from devices causes eye strain, fatigue, headaches and drowsiness. One Boots staff member went as far as to say that blue light rays kill retinal cells.

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