Allergan Introduces an Innovative Treatment of Dry Eye

Dry eye is a condition caused by insufficient volume or function of the tear film which results into surface disease of the eyes. It is a difficult condition to treat especially if it is of moderate to severe degree. The conventional treatment includes artificial tears and lubricants in the form of eye drops and ointments, prevention of drainage of whatever little tear is produced by punctal occlusion, use of contact lenses and rarely gland transplantation.

The company Allergan has introduced a new device ‘Oculeve Intranasal Tear Neurostimulator’ for the patients suffering from dry eye disease.

Allergen Introduces an Innovative Treatment of Dry EyeThe device is a noninvasive nasal neurostimulation that stimulates tear production and includes an element that is inserted into the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity and another inserted under the skin below the eyebrow. The patient can then manually adjust the rate of tear delivery using a wireless controller.


[Image by Pete/ CC BY 1.0]

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